A brand-new, dynamic way of telling RE stories

Written & performed by Mike Peacock

‘Tales From The Miracle Book’ is a collection of fun and engaging short films, designed for the teaching of RE & PSHE in Primary Schools.

Mike has over 20 years experience of performing in schools, teaching & running workshops.

Each set of films comes with it’s own downloadable education pack - filled with top-quality worksheets to help unpack these memorable stories for Key Stages 1&2.

So step into the Miracle Book to begin an amazing RE journey!


Films & Resources

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Chapter 1: The Wonderful Stranger (introducing Jesus)

Chapter 2: The Wonderful Kingdom (the teachings of Jesus)

Chapter 3: Palm Sunday

Chapter 4: The Plot (Judas agrees to betray Jesus)

Chapter 5: The Last Supper (part I - betrayal & washing feet)

Chapter 6: The Last Supper (part II - Communion)

Chapter 7: The Garden of Gethsemane

Chapter 8: Jesus On Trial

Chapter 9: Jesus Before Pilate

Chapter 10: The Cross

Chapter 11: Easter Sunday

Each film comes with its own resource pack to help pupils explore the story.


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Introducing the person of Jesus and covering the events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

[11 films & resources]

Parables: The Prodigal Son

Parables: The Good Samaritan

Parables: The Wise & Foolish Builders

Miracles:  Water Into Wine

Miracles:  Feeding The 5,000

Miracles:  Calming The Storm

Each film comes with its own resource pack to help pupils explore the story.


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A series of films covering Jesus’ most famous miracles and stories he told.

[6 films & resources]

Anti-Bullying - ‘Bigger Than Giants’

These three short films based on the story of David & Goliath…

David is the youngest, the smallest and the least important member of his family. His brothers are all brilliant at everything - they’re ever so cool & popular. David, on the other hand, isn’t…

‘Bigger Than Giants’ is a story that has been used in many schools over the last few years as a powerful way of approaching the issue of bullying. The accompanying workshops help to define what bullying is, the affect it has on those around us, and what every single one of us can do to make a difference.


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Based on the story of David and Goliath, this series are designed for Anti-Bullying Week.

[3 films & resources]

Chapter 1: Big News! (Mary meets the Angel Gabriel)

Chapter 2: A Wedding In Trouble (Joseph doesn't take the news well)

Chapter 3: Joseph & The Angel (The Angel Gabriel visits Joseph)

Chapter 4: The Census (Mary & Joseph find out that they must go on a long journey)

Chapter 5: The Three Wise Men (A new star appears in the sky)

Chapter 6: Bethlehem At Last (Mary & Joseph finally arrive)

Chapter 7: No Room At The Inn (Joseph searches for somewhere to stay)

Chapter 8: Bad King Herod (Herod finds out about the new baby - and is not pleased)

Chapter 9: The Wonderful Child (Mary explains why the baby is so special)

Chapter 10: Shepherd Surprise! (A choir of angels appears to a group of shepherds)

Chapter 11: The Nativity (Everyone gathers at the stable to celebrate)

Each film comes with its own resource pack to help pupils explore the story.


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A fun and engaging re-telling of the first ever Christmas!

[11 films & resources]

Watch out for more stories coming soon!!!

High Quality

These excellent films have been created by award-nominated theatre & film-makers with over 40 years experience of working with primary-age children.

Expanding Library

Each term we will be adding more & more films, scripts and resources into our library which will all be available with your annual subscription.

Cross Curricular

The downloadable resource packs for KS1&2 include cross curricular worksheets on RE, creative writing, mindfulness, literacy, SIAMS, SCS, PSHE and Citizenship. They are designed to promote social cohesion and the virtues of respect and empathy, meeting Ofsted guidelines.


As well as being educational, each film is designed to be fun, bright & highly memorable - to fully engage every pupil, and to make RE teaching feel easy.

Teaching Resources

Each film comes with an extensive downloadable resource pack full of teaching resources, games and worksheets, to unpack the meaning behind each story, enabling pupils to imagine themselves in each story.

Easy to Use

The work is done for you! Each film is easy to stream and each teaching resource pack is easy to download enabling you to have many quality RE lessons for pupils of all ages and abilities.

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