As well as creating Tales from the Miracle Book, Mike has written some helpful resources and several much loved books. Please find more information below.

FREE Pupils Scripts

Here at Tales from the Miracle Book we love Christmas & Easter!
So much so that we wanted to share our Christmas Nativity Script and our Easter Passion Play Script so that your pupils can tell their very own version of the stories.

Simply click on the image below to download the PDF.

Angel’s Delight by Mike Peacock

A fun-filled Christmas Adventure!
The story of what (might) have happened behind-the-scenes of the first ever Christmas!
There’s great excitement in Heaven – the Son of God is about to be born on earth as a tiny baby!
Unfortunately, the task of delivering the big news has fallen to Gabe – who is probably the least qualified angel in the whole of creation…
Before he knows it, there’a dangerous journey to undertake, a wedding to get back on track, a donkey to be re-invented, and, lurking in the shadows, a certain somebody who’s not too keen on the whole project…
… Oh, and somebody forgot to book the hotel room!
Miracles, mayhem & mystery are the order of the day, as the whole of creation holds its breath for what promises to be the most exciting event in history. (If it happens… )

Angel’s Surprise by Mike Peacock

Angel's Surprise Book Cover

An extraordinary Easter Adventure for 7-11 year olds!
‘Hosanna to the king!’
There’s great excitement as Jesus arrives in the city of Jerusalem.
Gabe is excited too.
As a newly-qualified Guardian Angel, he is thrilled to have the honour of escorting Jesus on this most wonderful day; a day that will mark the beginning of the most important week of Jesus’ time on earth…
(Quite why it’s so important, Gabe doesn’t know. For some reason, the details are being kept top, top-secret.)
But what he does know is that he’s going to have his hands full –
because there are enemies in the crowd… shadows lurking in the background… and there’s a traitor in their midst.
Can Gabe keep Jesus safe?
And if he doesn’t, will it really be the end of the world? Or will it be something far more wonderful and surprising?

‘Angels Surprise’ is a fun-filled, imaginative and moving adventure that travels through the events of Holy Week and celebrates the true meaning of Easter.

The Party in Heaven by Mike Peacock

A story of loss and hope and God’s wonderful promise…

There’s a party in heaven…
The angels are rushing around in great excitement, preparing for a new arrival.
But Sprout the littlest angel notices that, down on earth, the people are sad.

As he asks his friend Castor questions, he discovers anew the love of Jesus and learns that whilst life on earth can come to an end…it’s not the end of the story…

Written for KeyStage 1 this picture book is ideal for those who are grieving.