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Value/ StoryFilm SeriesAssembly
AbrahamAbraham 1-2Abraham #1-3
Adam & Eve/ Free Will/ ChoiceCreation 4-6Creation #4
Bullying/ Self-Esteem/ Everyone’s differentDavid & GoliathAnti-Bullying #1-3
Calming The StormMiraclesCalming The Storm
CensusChristmas 4
Choices/ Consequences/ Free Will/ SalvationCreation 5&6Creation #4
ChristmasChristmas 1-11
Christmas Nativity PlayDownloadPupil Performance
Compassion/ Kindness/ Who is my Neighbour/ Helping OthersParablesGood Samaritan
Courage/ Peace/ Worry/ TrustMiraclesCalming The Storm
CreationCreation 1-3Creation #1
Creation of People/ I’m Unique & Special/ FriendshipCreation 4Creation #3
David and GoliathAnti-BullyingAnti-Bullying #1-3
EasterEaster 1-11Easter #1-7
Easter Passion PlayDownloadPupil Performance
Faith and TrustAbraham 1Abraham #1
Feeding the 5,000MiraclesFeeding 5,000
Forgiveness/ Judging Others/ Justice & Mercy/ Lord’s PrayerParablesUnforgiving Servant
Forgiveness/ Repentance/ Fresh StartsJonah 3Jonah #2
Fresh Starts/ Justice & Mercy / Father heart of God/ Saying SorryParablesProdigal Son
Friendship/ Inclusion/ God's FriendshipMiraclesParalysed Man
Generosity/ Service/ What can I do?/ Faith and GivingMiraclesFeeding 5,000
God’s Nature/ ObedienceJonah 1&2Jonah #1
Gods’ Fresh Start/ Peer PressureNoah 1&2Noah’s Ark #1
Gratitude/ ThankfulnessMoses 610 commandments worksheets
Harvest/ The EnvironmentCreation 3Creation #2
Hope/ Christian Hope/ HeavenMiraclesJairus' daughter
I am unique/ BullyingAnti-Bullying 1Anti-Bullying #1
IncarnationChristmas 1,2,3&9
Jairus’ DaughterMiraclesJairus' daughter
JealousyMoses 610 commandments worksheets
Jesus on Trial/ The Pharisees/ Pilate/ ChoicesEaster 6&7Easter #3
Jesus- who is he?/ Who we follow/ Introducing JesusEaster 1&2Easter #1
Jesus' TeachingMiracles & ParablesVarious
Jesus’ MiraclesMiraclesVarious
Jesus’ ParablesParablesVarious
Jonah & The WhaleJonah 1-4Jonah #1-3
Joy/ Fun/ Positivity/ Happiness/ Christian JoyMiraclesWater to Wine
Judging by Appearances/ My qualitiesAnti-Bullying 2Anti-Bullying #2
Justice/ Mercy/ GraceJonah 4Jonah #3
Justice/ World Changer/ Excuses/ Fairness & UnfairnessMoses 1&5Moses #1
Last Supper/ Humility/ Communion/ Judas’ betrayalEaster 5&6Easter #2
Life of JesusEaster (all)Easter (all)
Love/ Value/ Everyone's special/ The Good Shepherd/ God’s loveParablesLost Sheep
MaryChristmas 1,9&11
MosesMoses 1-6Moses #1-3
No Room at The InnChristmas 7
Noah’s ArkNoah 1-4Noah’s Ark #1&2
Perseverance/ Endurance/ Achievement/ Good ChoicesParablesWise and Foolish Builders
Perseverance/ ResilienceMoses 2&3Moses #2
Resurrection/ Easter Sunday/ Easter Eggs/ Eternal LifeEaster 11Easter #5
SacrificeAbraham 3Abraham #3
ShepherdsChristmas 10&11
The Cross/ Salvation/ Good FridayEaster 10Easter #4
The Good Samaritan/ Kindness & CompassionParablesGood Samaritan
The Lost SheepParablesLost Sheep
The Paralysed ManMiraclesParalysed Man
The Passover/ Slavery & Freedom/ The Red SeaMoses 4&5Moses #3
The Prodigal SonParablesProdigal Son
The Ten Commandments/ 10 CommandmentsMoses 610 commandments worksheets
The Unforgiving ServantParablesUnforgiving Servant
Trust/ Perseverance/ The RainbowNoah 3&4Noah’s Ark #2
TruthMoses 610 commandments worksheets
Vision/ PurposeAbraham 2Abraham #2
Water to WineMiraclesWater to Wine
Whose Voice to Listen to/ Who to talk toAnti-Bullying 3Anti-Bullying #3
Wise and Foolish Builders/ House on the RockParablesWise & Foolish Builders
Wise MenChristmas 5,8&11