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Launching 16th November

Chapter 1: Big News! (Mary meets the Angel Gabriel)

Chapter 2: A Wedding In Trouble (Joseph doesn't take the news well)

Chapter 3: Joseph & The Angel (The Angel Gabriel visits Joseph)

Chapter 4: The Census (Mary & Joseph find out that they must go on a long journey)

Chapter 5: The Three Wise Men (A new star appears in the sky)

Chapter 6: Bethlehem At Last (Mary & Joseph finally arrive)

Chapter 7: No Room At The Inn (Joseph searches for somewhere to stay)

Chapter 8: Bad King Herod (Herod finds out about the new baby - and is not pleased)

Chapter 9: The Wonderful Child (Mary explains why the baby is so special)

Chapter 10: Shepherd Surprise! (A choir of angels appears to a group of shepherds)

Chapter 11: The Nativity (Everyone gathers at the stable to celebrate)

Each film comes with its own resource pack to help pupils explore the story.