'Tales From The Miracle Book' is a collection of fun and engaging short films,

assemblies & lesson plans designed to bring Bible stories and their meanings to life in a fun &n unforgettable way.

(Ideal for for the teaching of RE & PSHE in Primary Schools)

They have been written and are performed by Mike Peacock - who has over 20 years experience of performing in schools, teaching & running workshops for children. He is delighted to now be bringing these amazing stories to life in a brand new way!

Films & Resources

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Based on the story of David and Goliath. This series are designed for Anti-Bullying Week, full of activities on resilience and self-worth.


A fun and engaging re-telling of the first ever Christmas!


A series of films covering Jesus’ most famous miracles.


A series of films covering Jesus’ most famous stories he told.

For more information and samples of each video, then click on each series image below.

High Quality

A nationally accredited resource by Understanding Christianity, these excellent films & resources have been created by award-nominated theatre & film-makers with over 40 years experience of working with primary-age children.

Easy to Use

The work is done for you! Our clear and easy to use presenter scripts gives teachers the resources to lead an RE lesson or Assembly/Collective Worship with very little preparation. Each film is easy to stream and each set of resources is easy to download enabling you to have many quality lessons/assemblies for pupils of all ages and abilities.

Cross Curricular

The downloadable resources for KS1&2 include cross curricular worksheets on RE, creative writing, mindfulness, literacy, SEL, PSHE & Citizenship and assist Collective Worship & SIAMS. They are designed to promote social cohesion and the virtues of respect and empathy, meeting Ofsted guidelines.


As well as being educational, each film is designed to be fun, bright & highly memorable - to fully engage every pupil, and to make RE teaching feel easy. Tales From The Miraclebook has been designed with a wide age-range in mind.

Age appropriate for both Key Stages 1 & 2.

Teaching Resources

Each film comes with an extensive downloadable resource pack full of teaching resources, games and worksheets, to unpack the meaning behind each story. We are currently creating assemblies/lesson plans for each film & RE topic, so they may be used in both classroom and Assembly/Collective Worship settings. Theology is made incredibly easy for non specialist staff to teach.

Expanding Library

Each term we will be adding more & more films, scripts, assemblies & lesson plans into our library which will all be available with your annual subscription.